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unless you are just using
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Both professional and home treatment expose you to a small risk of mouth cancer in either gums or tongue. The dangers these days, are thankfully very small. The biggest problem you are likely to encounter with home treatment is quite sore teeth and gums.

Just be prepared for this discomfort for about a month due to the tooth enamel being stripped and...

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14/06/17 06:02AM
forehead broadcasts a telltale
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Fortunately a forehead lift is one of the easiest and among the most common procedures to fight the visible signs of aging. During the aging process the muscles and skin on the forehead begin to lose a great deal of elasticity and eventually causes drooping. This will give the appearance of fatigue, frustration and sometimes anger ...

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25/05/17 05:50AM
Treat Yourself to Surgery at Its Best
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Los Angeles is the city as infamous as it is famous, as notorious a city as you can find. It is a city that is known the whole world over, even by millions who have never visited it, and it is surrounded by an intriguing mysticism that few can resist. This is where the famous people live, the young, the rich and the beautiful jobs...

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16/05/17 04:25AM
Chinese rappers take to Youtube, Twitter with anti-THAAD song
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Chinese rappers have taken to Youtube and Twitter with their voice against the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea, with their music video watched for more than 6 million times on the platforms.

The nearly 3-minute Chinese-English bilingual rap titled "No to THAAD" was made by the Sichuan-based...

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05/05/17 09:21AM
What is a PhD? Advice for PhD students
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For many people, acquiring a doctorate degree is the absolute pinnacle of academic achievement, giving them the right to call themselves "doctor". These are perfectly good reasons to do a PhD.

However, the act of pursuing a PhD can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming exercise. But with the right PhD preparation ...

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