21/04/17 05:26AM
Foundation Top Picks!
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Hi, I'm the Fashion & Beauty Consultant for Estate Jewelry International where we don't just sell jewelry but "pamper" the whole you!

It's always tough finding the "perfect" foundation for your skin type, color institute for tourism studies, and texture....

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07/04/17 04:39AM
Learn the Basics
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Skin types are unique and react in different ways to weather, environment, and creams and/or lotions. In order to keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance it is essential to know your skin type and how to care for it.

Most skin care specialists will advise to apply moisturizers all over the body to nourish the skin ...

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24/03/17 03:33AM
How to Look and Feel Beautiful
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Life can be much easier if most people are not too hard on themselves about their own appearance and personality. Read more on different ways to look and feel beautiful almo nature pet food.



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14/03/17 03:53AM
17 tips for healthy hair and skin
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- Remember that the most important factors that decide the quality of your skin and hair are your genes and family history, your nerves and emotions, and your immune system.

- Use an appropriate face wash meant for your skin type and wash twice a day.

- Use cleansers at night to remove make up and dirt before using a face wash...

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02/03/17 03:43AM
NZ women's breasts getting bigger
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New Zealand women are getting bigger breasts culturelle 香港, with D cups and bigger accounting for nearly half of Bendon bras sold in New Zealand...

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